AI-Powered 3D Viewing Redefined: Introducing the Lume Pad 2

lumpe pad The Lume Pad 2 is a groundbreaking tablet that’s redefining the way we experience 3D, using advanced AI technology to unlock new levels of immersion and creativity. With a stunning 2.5K (12.4″) display and AI face tracking, the Lume Pad 2 provides the ultimate 3D viewing experience.

With the Lume Pad 2, Leia Inc. has created the world’s first 3D•AI tablet, bringing people together, broadening horizons, and inspiring creativity in the palm of your hand. The tablet’s Dolby Atmos Quad-Speaker configuration creates deep immersion and the industry-leading 3D cameras capture stunning stereoscopic 3D•AI images up to 5K resolution per eye.

The Lume Pad 2 features a revolutionary nanotechnology called Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB), which sits underneath the LCD display to instantly transform 2D content into 3D. The tablet also offers several AI-powered apps like LeiaPlayer, LeiaCam, and LeiaPix, which enable you to transform your own 2D media into 3D and explore the endless possibilities of 3D technology.

The Lume Pad 2 is available for reservation, and Leia Inc. is constantly developing new apps and features to build the 3D ecosystem of the future. If you’re looking for a game-changing device that combines the latest in AI and 3D technology, look no further than the Lume Pad 2.

Whether you’re a creative professional, a gaming enthusiast, or simply looking for a new way to experience your favorite media, the Lume Pad 2 has something to offer. Its advanced technology and immersive viewing experience make it the perfect device for exploring the endless possibilities of 3D.

Starting today, the Lume Pad 2 is available for reservation on at a suggested retail price of $1,099. And, for customers who reserve before March 31, there’s a $100 discount when they confirm their order in April when tablets begin shipping. With its cutting-edge technology and immersive viewing experience, the Lume Pad 2 is the perfect device for anyone looking to explore the endless possibilities of 3D.

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